Meaning of Sphere: "of influence, of interest, and of wholeness and formed" – Karma Chime Shore

Tuesday Night Sit for 12 March 2019 won’t be on

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Hi Everyone,
Tuesday Night Sit for 12 March 2019 won’t be on
best wishes
The Auckland Sphere Group


Teaching on Compassion

“So, what is compassion? Even to have question is compassionate. The mind of question and of communication is the mind of compassion at work. When I see a student who is not responsive to question, I think that they are lacking in compassion for themselves. It is much better to be bubbling with question than to be in a pleasant vagary. In a wholesome state of mind, what else could you be but compassionate? You don’t have to “practice“; you only have to allow the arising of wholesome mind states every day. Maybe you will be slow in starting this habit, subject to inertia, but if you are persistent, things will speed up.

Every wholesome state contains metta, unconditional love. To begin, you are probably not even sympathetic to your own being so it is necessary to practice compassion. The Abhidhamma says that any pleasant moment is conjoined with compassion. If you are enjoying reading a book you are not separate from the compassionate mind; that state of enjoyment already contains love. A wholesome state does not think “I have to give so much”.” – Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche, teachings on the Abhidhamma.