The Sevenfold Training of Samantabhadra with Tarchin Hearn

  • 06:00 PM

Weekend Retreat – Friday October 26th evening until Sunday October 28th afternoon 

In the very extensive “Avatamsaka Sutra”, Samantabhadra is portrayed as primordial buddha nature and, as the archetype of ‘a great and courageous being’, a bodhisattva whose life is completely shaped by a vast and profound aspiration to awaken infinite skillful means in helping all beings.

During this retreat we will contemplate the Sevenfold Trainings of Samantabhadra – a skillful way to enhance our own ability to abide in a union of complete ease and awake discerning engagement..  Although this is a teaching from the heart of the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism, the trainings are universal and radically inclusive.  Tarchin’s in-depth understanding and skill as a teacher means he is able to bring them to life in a totally relevant way for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.


The retreat will be approachable for people from all walks of life and is open to all levels of experience.


  • Dates:  Friday night October 26th 6pm until Sunday afternoon October 28th
  • Costs: 300 (waged); $255 (unwaged); plus dana
  • Venue:  Aio Wira retreat centre, 8 Aio Wira Road, Waitakere
  • Registration: Contact Janet on


About Tarchin Hearn


Writer, poet, artist, traveler and inspiring teacher, Tarchin has at times described himself as a ‘yogi of the natural world’. He has a great passion for blending the insights and understandings of science and ecology with buddhadharma, and in particular, the teachings of Mahamudra and Dzogchen. Often using microscopes and magnifying glasses to enrich silent meditation retreats, his teaching sometimes looks more like deep ecology than classical Buddhism.  For thirty years Tarchin continuously travelled the world, teaching, retreating and working with beings. More recently he has begun decreasing the amount of travel and, with his partner Mary Jenkins, is spending more time at Orgyen Hermitage, their land in NZ. Though still teaching and leading retreats, Tarchin’s interests have extended to studies in molecular biology, neuroscience, shakuhachi flute making and playing, gardening and to deepening his apprenticeship with the soil and the living earth; as he says, tongue in cheek, “living the path of a dharma farmer”.