Tuesday Night Meditation Sits – Westmere

  • 07:30 PM


Auckland Meditation Weekly Group Sits



On Tuesday nights at 7.30pm the Auckland Sphere Group have a meditation sit on in Westmere, central Auckland. At each sit we go through a different form of meditation, and explore the strength and support of sitting in a group.

These meditations are suitable for beginners to advanced, and build a foundation of calm, kindness, openness and clarity in daily life. Sitting in a group allows a shared experience of these qualities, the opportunity to grow and question what meditation and mindfulness really is, what it feels like within the body, and its effect on situations when interacting with others. It is a wonderful feeling to rest in.

The meditations explored are tried and true, and can provide a balance for city living. They can also provide the strength and energy to explore the deep questions of life, and be the gateway to on going peace and joy.

If you have been meditating for a long time, come and hangout with people of like minds. If you are just starting out, sitting groups are a very good way of establishing an ongoing practice.

The meditation sits are led by Janet Eades, Eileen Burton and Mira Riddiford (who have around a century of experience of meditation between them).

Please contact Mira on info@aucklandsphere.org for more information. The sits are on 99.9% of the time, but best to text Eileen first to confirm it is on that night: +64 21 129 6020.


Mindfulness strengthens our ability to engage with our lives in a healthy and skilful manner – the practice helps us to see things as they are, clearly and compassionately. These meditations are taught to help with grounding, concentration, focus and equilibrium. Mindfulness nurtures the good qualities of being human” – Mira Riddiford


The practice of loving-kindness is one of the excellent tools to train the mind to move in the way of joy, choosing to live each moment with an open heart. When one practices honesty – that is, accepting what is present – and develops a habit of investigating what is given freely without mental revulsion, happiness will grow.” – Cecilie Kwiat


Some of the meditations/contemplations practiced:
Calm Abiding
Illuminated Body Practice
Holistic Healing Meditation
The Brahma Vihāras

Metta (Loving Kindness Meditations) allows for resilience… the reason you do Metta is for recovery” – Chim Shore