Teaching on Emptiness

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Śūnyatā is Not a Thing

by Lama Mark Webber

Śūnyatā is not a thing, nor is it no thing. It is not a state.
Śūnyatā does not really exist. If it existed, it would be conditioned and subject to loss and change.
Śūnyatā does not change, it is exactly how the universe is, every moment, the womb of phenomena, the womb of mind, indescribable openness of potential.
Śūnyatā is signless, no characteristics can be found, yet experience and realization dawn. Amazing!
Śūnyatā is neither light nor non-light, it can be both or neither, it does not matter, form or emptiness; all the same.
Śūnyatā is the primordial nature of both the non-conceptual and thinking mind, settled or busy; to remain fixed in a non-conceptual state is to miss the point, no matter how blissful or clear.
Śūnyatā is the natural state of mind because it requires no conceptual support, no light, no effort, it is total relaxation of mind.
Śūnyatā is spontaneity and fully present awakeness.
Śūnyatā is insight knowledge of arising and dissolution, not that it requires anything to come from or go to; there is simply endless change and transformation.
Śūnyatā, nothing can be held or stopped, only apparently held or interrupted. Śūnyatā is the bliss-knowledge of all appearances as mind, even the meditator and all their experiences are apparent phenomena–productions of mind.
So why cling to experiences and states, except with clarity and knowledge for convention, compassion and communication with beings?
Because there is no point of true definable definitions, Śūnyatā is absent of a true self nature, as is all phenomena, even you.
For that reason nothing can be held, not even the idea of Śūnyatā, not even the wish or hope that one experiences or did not experience Śūnyatā.
It is complete emptying out of all wishes, desires, wants, needs. Cessation of suffering.
Śūnyatā is a great peace. And this bliss has no qualities, but is ever present. Śūnyatā is non fixity, non-paralysis, fluidity of mind movement, space moving through space, ever openness. The Lama’s heart.
The moment there is fixity there is emotional suffering.
Have no striving, no need for concern.
However unceasingly move to more awakeness, wonderment and compassion–Bodhi. No confirmation is really necessary, though sometimes that is good for students.

Students want some-thing. Forget it, let it cease as all things do!
Remain unceasing lucid, in a wondrous presence.
Giving out more questions, pointers and mysteries to explore is even better!!! For why pin down something that is unpinnable?’

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