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Prajñāpāramittā and the Sādhana of Manjuśri Retreat with Tarchin Hearn

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Prajñāpāramittā and the Sādhana of Manjuśri

with Tarchin Hearn


Sept. 10 – 19, 2017 
Orgyen Hermitage, Katikati

This is a retreat for people with prior experience in meditation and an empathy for Tibetan practice.

Tarchin will give one class each morning unfolding the teachings of Manjuśri and the vision of Prajñāpāramittā/Mahāmudrā. He will also be available for individual consultations if and when required.

Since Mary and Tarchin will be in Brazil till shortly before the retreat, participants must arrange their own accommodation close enough to Orgyen that they will easily be able to get to classes.

Please e-mail Mary if you wish to attend.

Tash may be able to make some suggestions vis a vis accommodation.