“Mindfulness is essentially a Teaching about the integration of love, calm, insight and compassion without conditions of belief or ritual… Calm is a major feature of mindfulness. Calm forms the vessel for insight and experience; learning requires calm.”
– Chimé Shore

Classical Mindfulness

The Satipatthana text begins with where to meditate and how to sit. It then directs us to an exploration of the physical body through Anapanasati or mindfulness of breathing – Tarchin Hearn

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“The practice of loving-kindness is one of the excellent tools to train the mind to move in the way of joy, choosing to live each moment with an open heart. When one practices honesty – that is, accepting what is present – and develops a habit of investigating what is given freely without mental revulsion, happiness will grow.” – Cecilie Kwiat

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“Relax into space-presence. Now, deeply look, again and again, utterly steady and without thoughts. Bust through the stillness to the stripped away mind of unimpeded vividness. When we do, wisdom will dawn, and compassion blossoms. With or without thoughts, with or without appearances of the mind—no matter, no clinging. This is Great Love.” Lama Mark Webber

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Living Daylight

When basic trust is in the being, it’s experienced as a kind of lightness, either as an incredible lightness of being, or an actual light, like a sense of luminescence, or everything seems bright and brilliant…

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“Drop the anxiety and the Buddha will appear.” – Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche.

Healing Happens


“The full purpose of the Dhamma (Skt. ‘DHARMA’) is to understand and heal DUKKHA; to develop compassion; to cease harm and develop good, to cultivate the path of peace” – Lama Karma Chime Shore

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from these highly skilled Teachers who are dedicated to awakening Wisdom, Compassion and Non-Clinging Awareness.

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The spiritual life is an opening-up process

You start with self-awareness, centering the ego in your body, then gradually move to an awareness of environment, awareness of yourself walking through the space around you. Know this flow. – Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche

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Latest News

Meditation Retreat with Mira Riddiford

Body of Truth, Western Mystery Meditation Retreat Meditations that nourish the creative, with Mira Riddiford at the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre, June 19 to 26, 2015.   This retreat will be good for: Creatives – people who are in an arts, writing, music, dance, advertising, journalism or any creative idea based field and wish…

Ethical Giving for Nepal

Message from Tarchin Hearn to our worldwide community: Dear Friends Yesterday I received an e-mail requesting help to send immediate, practical aid to Nepal. I have known Anna Crotty in Tasmania for a number of years and am inspired by her extraordinary hard work dedicated to helping people in dire need. Her organisation, “Tents 4…

Lekshe Chodron upcoming classes

Lekshe is on the left of the photo!!!   Selwyn Community Education Lekshe is delighted to inform you of her coming classes and courses. Please contact the college for further info and any bookings. For a full list of courses see here: Lekshe Chodron Profile and Timetable   Profile Lekshe Chodron has been practicing mindfulness…

Dharma, Qi Gong and Coffee, A Morning of Exploring

Start your weekend off on the right note with some gentle movement, and then taste some of the best coffee Auckland has to offer! Dear Sphere Group Friends Next Saturday Jamie van Dam will give a presentation on coffee and Dharma. He will go into detail about the discernment, preparation and study of coffee and how, as an…

Tarchin Hearn Buddhadharma Teaching 8 March 2015

Hello Sphere Group friends, Great news!  Tarchin and Mary will be in Auckland next weekend and Tarchin has agreed to teach on Sunday morning at the Lions Club rooms in Devonport.  All are welcome! Buddhadharma: simple, direct and profound  A morning of meditative inquiry into the roots of Being – a life of Wisdom and…

Auckland Mindfulness in Movement classes with Mira Riddiford

Tuesday Evening: Series of Five classes at Selwyn Community Adult Education College, with Mira Riddiford A unitive peace and calm can be revealed through mindfulness of breathing, body and movement. It is restorative, healing and nourishing. Our breath is a wonderful informative tool. It gives us immediate data on how our bodies and minds are…