“Mindfulness is essentially a Teaching about the integration of love, calm, insight and compassion without conditions of belief or ritual… Calm is a major feature of mindfulness. Calm forms the vessel for insight and experience; learning requires calm.”
– Chimé Shore

Classical Mindfulness

The Satipatthana text begins with where to meditate and how to sit. It then directs us to an exploration of the physical body through Anapanasati or mindfulness of breathing – Tarchin Hearn

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“The practice of loving-kindness is one of the excellent tools to train the mind to move in the way of joy, choosing to live each moment with an open heart. When one practices honesty – that is, accepting what is present – and develops a habit of investigating what is given freely without mental revulsion, happiness will grow.” – Cecilie Kwiat

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“Relax into space-presence. Now, deeply look, again and again, utterly steady and without thoughts. Bust through the stillness to the stripped away mind of unimpeded vividness. When we do, wisdom will dawn, and compassion blossoms. With or without thoughts, with or without appearances of the mind—no matter, no clinging. This is Great Love.” Lama Mark Webber

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Living Daylight

When basic trust is in the being, it’s experienced as a kind of lightness, either as an incredible lightness of being, or an actual light, like a sense of luminescence, or everything seems bright and brilliant…

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“Drop the anxiety and the Buddha will appear.” – Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche.

Healing Happens


“The full purpose of the Dhamma (Skt. ‘DHARMA’) is to understand and heal DUKKHA; to develop compassion; to cease harm and develop good, to cultivate the path of peace” – Lama Karma Chime Shore

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from these highly skilled Teachers who are dedicated to awakening Wisdom, Compassion and Non-Clinging Awareness.

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The spiritual life is an opening-up process

You start with self-awareness, centering the ego in your body, then gradually move to an awareness of environment, awareness of yourself walking through the space around you. Know this flow. – Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche

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Latest News

Weekly meditations on summer break until Jan 24, 2017

Hello Auckland Sphere Group Community, The Tuesday night meditation sits have finished for the year, December 13th being the last for 2016. They will start up again Jan 24th 2017. Wishing you a peaceful festive season “I suppose the greatest gift in my life was my daughter. I didn’t realize it at the time, even though…

Two new books by Dyana Wells are available

Exciting News   The first two books of the Anchors in an Open Sea autobiographical trilogy written by Dyana Wells are now available.   Dyana has been student of Buddha dharma for over thirty years, studying intensively with Tarchin Hearn, Ven. Namygal Rinpoche, Cecilie Kwiat and Lama Mark Weber.   These stories trace the adventures and misadventures…

Mindfulness and Feminine Energy

  30 November 2016, 7pm McDermott Hall, Westmere or online if you are not in Auckland Book now to secure a place at this special one time event  This seminar is an opportunity to explore mindfulness meditations that help increase the understanding and experiencing of feminine energy in a variety of ways. Top universities have researched the…

Leander Kane November Classes

A Flowering of Heartfulness and Wisdom with Leander Kane   When: Saturday 19th November 1pm to 4pm, 2016 Sunday 20th November 9:30am to 12:30pm, 2016 Where: 1st floor, Taiji School, 40 St. Benedicts Street, Newton Cost: $30 per class To book or for further information contact Janet: Janete1@ihug.co.nz     While lying on the floor…

Yoga By Donation

Discover the bliss of present moment experience through breath awareness and yogic movement to encourage breath-body-mind connection, sharpened mental focus, stress reduction, relaxation and to support healing. Starting: Thursday 22nd September 2016, then every Thursday 7pm – 8:30pm Cost: Donation/Koha/Dana RSVP: specky_hen [at] hotmail [dot] com Where: South Pacific College of Natural Medicine Note: Please…

Mysticism, Symbolism and Mythology Meditation series with Mira Riddiford

Symbols! Advertising, branding, music and film use them on us daily. In this series we will explore how ancient symbols – still in use today, can strengthen our consciousness. The Western Mystery series starts next Wednesday. There is an opportunity to attend these sessions in person or through Skype if you are not in Auckland.     Announcement: On the first night…