“Mindfulness is essentially a Teaching about the integration of love, calm, insight and compassion without conditions of belief or ritual… Calm is a major feature of mindfulness. Calm forms the vessel for insight and experience; learning requires calm.”
– Chimé Shore

Classical Mindfulness

The Satipatthana text begins with where to meditate and how to sit. It then directs us to an exploration of the physical body through Anapanasati or mindfulness of breathing – Tarchin Hearn

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“The practice of loving-kindness is one of the excellent tools to train the mind to move in the way of joy, choosing to live each moment with an open heart. When one practices honesty – that is, accepting what is present – and develops a habit of investigating what is given freely without mental revulsion, happiness will grow.” – Cecilie Kwiat

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“Relax into space-presence. Now, deeply look, again and again, utterly steady and without thoughts. Bust through the stillness to the stripped away mind of unimpeded vividness. When we do, wisdom will dawn, and compassion blossoms. With or without thoughts, with or without appearances of the mind—no matter, no clinging. This is Great Love.” Lama Mark Webber

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Living Daylight

When basic trust is in the being, it’s experienced as a kind of lightness, either as an incredible lightness of being, or an actual light, like a sense of luminescence, or everything seems bright and brilliant…

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“Drop the anxiety and the Buddha will appear.” – Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche.

Healing Happens


“The full purpose of the Dhamma (Skt. ‘DHARMA’) is to understand and heal DUKKHA; to develop compassion; to cease harm and develop good, to cultivate the path of peace” – Lama Karma Chime Shore

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from these highly skilled Teachers who are dedicated to awakening Wisdom, Compassion and Non-Clinging Awareness.

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The spiritual life is an opening-up process

You start with self-awareness, centering the ego in your body, then gradually move to an awareness of environment, awareness of yourself walking through the space around you. Know this flow. – Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche

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Latest News

Cecilie Kwiat’s Health – updated

My Dear Friends; fellow students, family and Dharma brothers and sisters, I know the following news may come as a great shock to many of you. After Cecilie’s transfer from the Trauma Hospital in Edmonton to Didsbury, new medical information has come to light. As of this writing, I have been informed by the Doctors…

Wednesday Night Metta Sits

Weekly Meditation Sits On Wednesday nights the Auckland Sphere Group have a meditation sit on at 7.30pm in Westmere, Auckland. Please bring a meditation cushion or something to sit on. Chairs are provided. At each sit we go through a different form of Metta or Mindfulness meditation, and explore the strength and support of sitting…

Prajnaparamita at 10am – new time – this Saturday

Doug Duncan Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei December Teachings Please note the Wongkur is now at 10am and so is the Sunday teaching Venue for all December’s teachings: 175 Garnett Road (cnr Garnett and Faulder) Westmere. Monday Dec 2 – 7:30pm Teachings on the Mindfulness of Breathing. Tuesday Dec 3 – 7:30pm The Six Perfections, Teachings on the Paramitas These…

Leander Kane Retreat Nov 29-Dec1

Residential Retreat with Leander Kane Weekend Retreat. Awakening to the present moment. A simple and direct way of Liberation Through The Body Leander Kane is an innovative and inspiring Teacher of Buddha Dharma (the flowering of human consciousness). Over a period of 22 years she has developed a unique and direct way of Body/ Mind…

Doug Sensei and Catherine’s teachings Dec 2-8

Below is detailed information about Doug Duncan Sensei‘s and Catherine Pawasarat’s teaching schedule that starts early November and finishes in early December. Dates have changed so please note different class times. The themes for these teachings have been crafted to be accessible to beginners as well and long term meditators. Doug Sensei and Catherine have an interest in social…