Mira Riddiford


Mira Riddiford is a meditation, dharma and archetype teacher based in Auckland, New Zealand. She teaches retreats and classes around New Zealand, and is available for Skype sessions domestically and internationally. Mira can be invited to teach meditation retreats and classes worldwide.


Mindfulness for stress relief, supporting mind and body health and calm

Mira teaches mindfulness meditations that encompass mindfulness of breathing, a wonderful practice that allows the settling and absorption into calm.  Through mindfulness, a clarity and concentration is developed that is an ideal state to experience life from.

Mira teaches loving kindness meditations (metta) that allow the heart to open, relax and rejuvenate.


Mindfulness of Body and Senses Meditations

Mira also teaches Mindfulness in Movement, body based classes which are deeply restorative, which work well for releasing ongoing body tension, and settling the mind.

“In mindfulness an inner strength can be nurtured when we become fully engaged and accepting of what is really happening. This realness supports the health of our bodies, minds and hearts. We allow the present moment to enliven and nourish us. Given time this turns from a dry training, to an experience that fulfils a deep yearning to feel invigorated by life.”




Mira Riddiford has given workshops for performance athletes on how to be with stress and anxiety when competing at the top level of their sport, and how to concentrate the mind and tune into their bodies signals for greater results.

Mira also runs workplace mindfulness classes. Having been a production manager, an account manager and a creative, she understands the demands of a professional career.

Mira has also presented workshops on how to manage the anxiety of living with an ongoing life threatening illness. Mira has taught Mindfulness in Education in Auckland.


Esoteric, Vajrayana, Western Mystery, and Archetype practices

Mira is delighted by the challenge and creativity of Esoteric, Vajrayana, Western Mystery, and Archetype practices. These meditations help us work directly with and address our humanity.

Mira has over two decades of experience, started intensively training in 1995, and was given authorisation to teach 14 years ago.

Mira works with people one on one, in family sessions, group sits, meditation classes and retreats. She is LGBTQI+ friendly, inclusive of all nationalities and a strong supporter of diversity. Mira has two children, and understands the challenges and joys of urban living. Contact her on mindfulnesse@gmail.com for more information. www.mindfulnesseffect.org