The Living Daylight

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Doug Duncan Sensei on The Living Daylight

“When basic trust is in the being, it’s experienced by you, the embodied sensing, thinking, breathing, walking, talking, eating, drinking person as the “Living Daylight”. In other words it is experienced in your personal consciousness as a kind of lightness, either a lightness of being, an incredible lightness of being, or an actual light, like a sense of luminescence, or everything seems bright and brilliant, not in a bad way, but in an exciting way.

When that sense of basic trust is there, everything is lit up, like the air after a rain storm, you know when the air is heavy and it’s full of dust, everything seems normal and then it rains and then the air seems pure or clear.

The tendency however, is that the ego is so used to having dusty days, that it forgets it’s a dusty day, until along comes a rain shower, and cleans the air, and that rain shower is when you have those magic days. When everything seem luminescent, or everything seems magically alive and bright.

So the difference between basic trust and a dusty day – and basic trust and the clear living daylight, is that the nature of basic trust is what creates that feeling of living daylight, and so you somehow twigged into basic trust for a few moments that cleaned the air, gave you that feeling of living daylight, and that magical day. But the minute you get to your ego fixation – what returns? The dust.

In that sense there is that feeling of Sat Chit Ananda, or blissfulness, or ecstatic union, the feeling of being radiant, or touched by god, the Sufis call it “Baraka”, the sense of blessing, the Christians call it “Grace – the state of grace”. A tender and loving presence experienced at the source of your being.”


Watch the whole talk here: In this excerpt from a series of seven talks about the Enneagram, Achariya Doug Duncan makes reference to “Basic Trust” and the “LIving Daylight”, phrases taken from the book “Facets of Unity” by A.H. Almaas.