Meaning of Sphere: "of influence, of interest, and of wholeness and formed" – Karma Chime Shore

Liberation through the Body with Leander Kane, 17-19 November

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Weekend Retreat – Friday November 17th evening until Sunday November 19th afternoon

This weekend retreat offers an opportunity to study mindfulness and meditative clarity in a very direct way by using the body itself as a meditation tool.

The body and mind are not separate. In this method, the practitioner uses very specific guided movements to quickly develop a state of profound calm. The practitioner’s work is then to harvest insights that arise while resting in that experience.

The work naturally employs all four classical meditation postures – lying, sitting, standing and walking within each movement. Each posture offers new opportunity for insight.

Leander says: “All of our past experiences are stored in the body becoming our habitual patterns. Through detailed movement explorations we can release these patterns and open to our true strength and naturalness. An interesting and amazing transformation can take place which often surprises.
Learning to recognise the wholesome qualities of mind that come forth from exploring in this way and resting in them deepens insight into the nature of mind.”

This cutting edge method of meditation has been developed over thirty years of purposeful study, meditation and teaching by Leander Kane. It is informed by classical meditation practices, Mahamudra (an advanced and sophisticated system of meditation on the nature of the mind), Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) and the Feldenkrais Method.


Dates: Friday night 17th November 6pm until Sunday afternoon 19th November
Cost: $250 (waged); $235 (unwaged); plus dana
Venue: Sharda centre, 15 Percy Graham Drive, Tuakau,
Registration: Contact Louise on or register online here

About Leander Kane

Leander has undertaken dozens of one-month and three-month retreats over her 30 years of teaching and meditation work. For seven years she lived as a ‘Homeless Wanderer’ which is one of the great paths of devotion to Awakening. She has studied with many great teachers including His Eminence Beru Kyentse Rinpoche, Namgyal Rinpoche, Tarchin Hearn and Cecilie Kwiat.

As well as studying, Leander has worked with thousands of individuals with various structural or emotional afflictions. Her oldest student is 96, the youngest only a few months. Some have been in a wheelchair, some, elite international sports people.

Leander first began teaching Liberation Through The Body 27 years ago and over the years since then the work has been refined and deepened to become the jewel that it now is. Don’t miss this opportunity.