Lekshe Chodron

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Lekshe Chodron has been practising mindfulness meditation and yoga since 2000 and Reiki since 2005. She is a trained mindfulness teacher, qualified yoga teacher and Reiki Master Practitioner. Lekshe skilfully weaves together her knowledge and passion for these different traditions in an easy to understand style to offer wellness workshops and retreats, mindfulness courses, Reiki sessions and yoga to both children and adults of all abilities and requirements.

For more information about Lekshe Chodron and  a list of all events for the year look for @lekshechodronyoga on Facebook.

You will also find more information and teaching schedules at the following links:

Selwyn Community Education

Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre


Yoga By Donation

Discover the bliss of present moment experience through breath awareness and yogic movement to encourage breath-body-mind connection, sharpened mental focus, stress reduction, relaxation and to support healing.

*Donation/Koha/Dana. Dāna is any form of giving. Dāna (दान) is a Sanskrit and Pali word that connotes the virtue of generosity.

From the teacher to the student, offered from the heart along with teachings and experience, dana is a path of practice in it own right.

From the student to the teacher it is a gift from the heart, an expression of gratitude, an act of generosity, given to the teacher as we recognise from him or her the preciousness of what is being offered.


Mindfulness – classes, workshops and retreats

 “It was a great experience and Lekshe is absolutely fabulous. She passed on her incredible knowledge in a very effective way and her passion showed in everything she taught the group. She is a real asset to your school and it has been a privilege to be her student.”

“Lekshe is a kind and warm tutor who is passionate about mindfulness and the ways in which it can help people. Her patient and genuine nature are an asset to the college.”

“This course really helped me to relax. Lekshe is a great teacher and shares her passion for the topic with the class.”

“Enjoyed it immensely……it was fantastic! I learnt heaps although I am 80 years old!”


Yoga – classes and workshops

 “Lekshe is a very positive tutor who creates a great environment for learning. I look forward to the classes.”

“Classes have definitely met my expectations. I have really liked the detailed instruction on breath and movement.”

“Fantastic Tutor!”

“Excellent presentation and knowledge.”

“Nice pace. Excellent subject. Very interesting.”

“Absolutely fabulous! Lots of information provided and a very lovely manner.”

“I enjoyed Lekshe’s calm and soothing nature, the breathing exercises and relaxation.”

“Lekshe is a very clear instructor with excellent knowledge.”

“Done really well and was informed.”

“Thank you very much again Lekshe for a very inspiring class!”


Yoga for Children

“…he enjoyed the playful adventures, stretching, and to be honest all of what the course had to offer including his teacher. Without hesitation the class met my expectations and more. I was very impressed with the way the class was run and pleased that it always started on time and ran for the full 60 minutes. In general I was so pleased with the outcome of the course that we have decided to enrol our son once again.”

“I have just asked my son what he enjoyed the most and he replied, “everything!”. He has especially enjoyed the parts where Lekshe has taken the children outside and incorporated the yoga poses into games. He also enjoyed it when Lekshe has brought in items to focus the children’s attention/senses. As a parent, the class is surpassing my expectations. Lekshe is a great teacher and is able to hold the children’s attention. She has a passion for her classes and makes every effort to include each child. She is extremely creative and child focused. I have already recommended the class to other parents.”

“Dear Lekshe, I wish to thank you for the beautiful introduction to yoga that you have given to A and M. I know that A has relished your Wednesday classes, finding excitement not only in each journey taken but also in the new challenges met and skills gained. Clearly M has found his yoga niche in the relaxation side of the practice! As a parent I have really enjoyed watching A and M being given the opportunity to try something new in a nurturing, safe and friendly environment. In Kindest Regards, MS.”


Wellness – workshops and retreats

“Lekshe has inspired me to change how I live in several ways – in the negative to the positive”

“Thank you Lekshe for your openness, passion, humour, vitality and generosity.”

“Lekshe’s kindness, compassion and understanding was healing and empowering.”

“Couldn’t have been any better. I enjoyed the techniques and how personable Lekshe is and the flow of the activities worked well together.”

“Lots of information and experiential guided work with a great balance of themes and practice.”

 “The retreat was wonderful. Restful but a learning experience – thank you”

“Very informed weekend with lots to help people practically, emotionally and mentally. A real gift!”

“Very relaxed and enjoyable. I enjoyed all aspects of the weekend”

“I enjoyed being part of a group but space alone to absorb what I had learnt.”

“Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. The food was also fantastic!”

“Good, easy to understand instructions.”

“I felt held.”

“Well delivered and executed.”

“Oh and the food was yum!”

“It covered a lot of topics and was personal to us. The group discussions were fun and interesting.”

“Brilliant! I hope more people will use these techniques to help improve their wellness.”

“Nice, relaxed, comfortable sessions, very informative, friendly and great food!”

“Well timed, informative and felt very safe and nurturing.”

“Very enjoyable. Great resources.”

“Lekshe was fab as always!”