Meaning of Sphere: "of influence, of interest, and of wholeness and formed" – Karma Chime Shore

Tarchin Hearn Auckland Retreat, Easter 2017

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Hello Auckland Sphere Group Community,
We are delighted to announce a retreat in Auckland with Tarchin Hearn this Easter.

Also: – we are looking for a cook for this retreat in exchange for free accommodation and food, anyone interested please apply to Janet Eades.

Natural Awakening,

A Path of Contemplative Science

a modern expression of Buddhist teaching and practice
a meditation retreat

with Tarchin Hearn

Thursday evening 13th April  6pm until after lunch Monday 17th April


“For nearly half a century, I have been exploring biology-centered ecological science, and the great traditions of Buddhist philosophy and practice.  Like a braided river these two great streams of living knowledge merged and separated, fracturing into many and joining again into one, gradually revealing themselves as a single dynamic river of what I’ve come to think of as ‘Natural Awakening’ or ‘The Path of Contemplative Science’.

Natural awakening emerges, for human beings, through the cultivation and integration of three aspects of living:
1) friendly enquiry; a stance of kindness and interest about everything and everyone.
2) the practice of already here; embodying the implications of realizing that all one’s experience arises in and through the complex multi-leveled activities of life and living, and that living takes place as a continuously arising ever-fresh here and now.
3) creative experimentation in the face of difficulty; learning the arts of remaining fresh and responsive in the face of the unexpected.

Life, as an evolving dance of interdependency, has always presented difficulties and challenges, but today we humans are facing immense ones which our ways of living have largely brought about.  Consider the problems: ecological, social, political, economic, physiological and philosophical.  These accelerating human concerns are inadvertently involving the whole living world.  We are in this mess together and to live our way through it will require fresh vision on the part of each one of us.  A deeply engrained feeling for natural awakening could facilitate such a vision.

In Mahayana Buddhism ‘the path of awakening’ emerges from an embodied realization of prajñā in action.  Prajñā, (Sanskrit) is often translated as “wisdom”.  As a path, wisdom could be thought of as; ‘the inherent inquisitiveness and curiosity of one’ own mind that is very precise, and playful, at the same time’. (I am indebted to Karl Brunnholzl for this phrase.)

Learning the art of skillfully exercising prajñā in the midst of the living that together we are, constitutes the path of contemplative science.  Refining this skill is a vast, life-long project.

This upcoming retreat will provide an opportunity for us to meet and mingle, and through living and exploring together, to deepen and further clarify these inspirations and experiential understandings.  In doing this, we will contribute to a more compassionate and functionally wise world – a meaningful gift to children and generations of great grandchildren yet to come.” – Tarchin Hearn



Dates:     Thursday evening 13th April  6pm until after lunch Monday 17th April
Costs:     WAGED      –      $410 + dana    (includes all accommodation plus food)
UNWAGED –     $380  + dana   (includes all accommodation plus food)

Contact details:;  021 298 1242



Why go on retreat?

It gives uninterrupted time to study and learn. Being surrounded by nature on retreat, with guided classes and quiet time to practice, helps foster balance and dissolves stress.
It’s much easier to develop calm and concentration while in retreat.