Janet Eades


Janet has been a practitioner of Dharma for over 35 years. In that time she has studied a wide range of Buddhist practices and has attended yearly retreats. She had the good fortune to be introduced to the Dharma at an early age through her root teacher Namgyal Rinpoche and therefore from the outset of her spiritual journey was shown a view of Dharma that was as wide and encompassing as it was profound and intelligent.

With the understanding that the goal of the Path is to produce a fully rounded and mature human being who is fully engaged in the world, Janet places high value on meditation as part of daily life. She has a full-time corporate career and is a mother. From an early age Janet was encouraged by her Teachers to study Mahamudra and this is her main practice at this time.

Janet leads meditation sessions in Auckland on a regular basis and also organises Auckland retreats and classes throughout the year on behalf of Tarchin Hearn and Leander Kane.