Meaning of Sphere: "of influence, of interest, and of wholeness and formed" – Karma Chime Shore

The Heart of Mahayana bodhicitta/bodhisattva Samantabhadra, Natural Awakening, and Contemplative Science a retreat with Tarchin Hearn

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A retreat with Tarchin Hearn

When: beginning the morning of July 26 – ending the morning of August 4, 2018

Where: Orgyen Hermitage, Katikati

During this retreat will we will contemplate the Seven Trainings of Samantabhadra as a way of glimpsing the heart/core vision of radical inclusivity found throughout the Avatamsaka Sutra. Participants will need to arrange their own accommodation and cooking. If you need help in doing so, contact Mary. Tarchin will give one session each morning and also be available to see people individually.

To register, contact Mary <>

About Tarchin
“Look around you. Everything you see is alive – this living dharma. Everything you see is extraordinarily delicate, ephemeral and unique. Breathe for a few moments and open into an extraordinary place of receptivity and silent waiting. Allow your grief, your awe, your sense ofwonderment and reverence to bless you with nameless grace. Then touch the world around you with love and gratitude. We are alive – and we live for each other.”

– Tarchin Hearn

Based in New Zealand, Tarchin has 40 years study and practice in various schools of Buddhism. Since 1977 he has taught in many countries and has helped establish a number of centres for retreat and healing. Writer, artist, poet, traveller and inspiring teacher, Tarchin’s approach is thoroughly non-sectarian and universal in nature. Rooted in Buddhist principles, his work frequently links personal healing with a deep ecological perspective in ways that have inspired a wide range of people, from a variety of diverse backgrounds and traditions.

In 1980, he was invited to teach in New Zealand. He came again in 1981 and 1982 when, at Rinpoché’s suggestion, he began the process of establishing residency there. Since then, he has been a guiding teacher and, at times, resident teacher for The Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre near Nelson, where over the years he has led many long retreats and training programs. Tarchin is one of the Council of Elders for the Wangapeka. For more about Tarchin please visit: