Doug Sensei: Tantra


TANTRA: “The Fast Path”

What is Tantra and why does it work so well!

Teachings by Doug Duncan Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat
Lotus Sanctuary (at the bottom of the hill of the campus)
Kawai Purapura (Wellpark Albany North Shore Campus)
Sunday 17th of November 2013
9:30 am – 12 noon

The Yoga’s of the Tantric Path have been practiced for centuries. What is Tantra and how has it so easily embraced the body centered practices of Yoga, Chi Gung (Qigong), Feldenkrais and Kum Nye?

A meaning of Tantra is “thread”, weaving us together with life, waking up in the present, interconnecting with “others”, reaching fulfillment in the experience of unity.

These themes that will be explored in relationship to feeling whole, balanced and peaceful. Suffering comes from feeling distant and cut off, from our bodies, ourselves and others. How does this heal? How do we live a more meaningful, connected life and how can we help this in others? How can we be more engaged with what is right in front of us, waiting to be seen? Tantra as a path connects us to the vibrant health of the whole, and beyond that to the bliss of our true nature.

Tantra is considered “The Fast Path” because it uses everything that humans are, it gathers, redirects and transforms all our energies to enable us feel more connected, engaged and alive. Through creative meditation we will be using mantra, visualisation and movement to open our hearts and realize the deep intention of our being.

We will be looking at the different manifestations of the ancient path of Tantra to see how they are relevant to modern day spiritual aspirants and Yoga adepts in the West.

This will be an excellent primer for the Prajnaparamita (Orange Tara) Empowerment ceremony and Teachings to be held in early December.

Venue: Kawai Purapura (Wellpark Albany North Shore Campus)
Cost: $15 (waged) or $10 (assisted) plus Dana (Koha) – donation to the Teacher.

Contact: Mira for more information or to book
or phone/text: 021 548 781