Doug Sensei: Mindfulness


MINDFULNESS: The Profound Journey

Teachings by Doug Duncan Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat
Lotus Sanctuary (at the bottom of the hill of the campus)
Kawai Purapura (Wellpark Albany North Shore Campus)
Saturday 16th of November 2013
9:30 am – 12 noon

The Buddhist Way: Approaching mindfulness through Body, Speech ( breath and energy ) and Mind.

All of life is communicating – how can we listen to it without feeling overwhelmed? How can we respond to our planet with all that we are? How can we give it our attention?

This morning teaching will explore how the Meditative Path is crafted and enhanced through mindfulness of body, speech and mind.  This is the heart of all classical yoga teachings and those from the Tibetan Buddhist yoga lineages. This is the heart of heath.

Without an awareness of our real relationship to the earth and all being’s living on the earth we will be unable to make the changes in lifestyle and social engagement necessary to live well into the future. Simple, direct mindfulness practice opens our minds up to these necessary explorations, and help give us the clarity of mind to make intelligent, informed decisions.

This topic will also be of interest to those involved in social engagement, activism and environmental awareness. Mindfulness helps to protect our hearts from burn out.

All are welcome to come to this mindfulness meditation class in Auckland.

Cost: $15 (waged) or $10 (assisted) plus Dana (Koha) – donation to the Teacher.

About Doug Duncan Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat:

Doug Duncan Sensei is a Canadian-born dharma teacher and counselor who has travelled, studied and meditated for most of his life. He has taught and founded centers for awakening in Japan and Canada as well as being a visiting teacher in many other countries. Known for his direct and compassionate engagement with students, Doug embraces the full spectrum of the various traditions he employs in order to mentor beings to a more awakened state. Doug’s non-sectarian approach features a strong foundation in contemporary psychology, philosophy and science.

Together with Doug Sensei and other students, Catherine Pawasarat helped found Dharma Japan in Japan and the Clear Sky Retreat Centre in Canada. In particular Catherine focuses on dharma training and helping to implement sustainability, and how sustainability figures in the practices of awakening. Traveling widely, reading eclectically, Catherine’s teaching style is embracive and inclusive, focusing on practical application to the personal and spiritual as well as social, environmental and economic concerns. Her great sense of humour makes sometimes difficult conditions enriching, and her many years in Kyoto give her a strong background in traditional Asian philosophy and culture.

At the retreat centre Sensei and Catherine have helped create in Canada, they have integrated ecological restoration and education into their programming and operations. The native ecology of the retreat centre are grasslands with extraordinarily high biodiversity, and the community there work intently on ecological restoration and education. They also have a green building program and operate all of Clear Sky as well as their farm/food forest as social enterprises. Permaculture weaves into all of this as well.

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