Meaning of Sphere: "of influence, of interest, and of wholeness and formed" – Karma Chime Shore

Awakening the Embodied Mind with Leander Kane

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Leander Kane

Weekend Retreat – Friday September 21st evening until Sunday September 23rd afternoon 

This weekend retreat offers an opportunity to study mindfulness and meditative clarity in a very direct way through the body.

Sati, often translated as “mindfulness” in Pali, also means “remembering”. The Buddha’s treatise on sati commences with contemplation of body. By “re-member-ing” the body, by coming to ‘whole-ness’ or ‘totality’ through awareness of body, luminous qualities of mind such as centredness, groundedness and openness reveal themselves.

By exploring the “many mansions” of the temple of body guided by Leander during this weekend retreat, participants can touch directly multiple dimensions of wholeness such as clarity, non-separateness and spaciousness or other facets of totality mind. Through experiences of both the wholeness and detail of the body prompted by gentle movement, we can release habitual bodily patterns and evoke insights that often surprise. By practising and directly experiencing enhanced qualities of body-mind whilst being safely grounded in body, a depth body-memory of these qualities develops that is easily accessible when walking, standing, sitting and lying down both in the retreat space and subsequently at the supermarket checkout.


  • Dates:  Friday night September 21st 6pm until Sunday afternoon September 23rd
  • Costs: 250 (waged); $235 (unwaged); plus dana
  • Venue:  Sharda centre, 15 Percy Graham Drive, Tuakau
  • Registration: Contact Janet on


About Leander Kane

For the past thirty years, Leander has dedicated herself to studying, exploring and sharing the Buddhadharma. Her teaching is inspired by Ven. Tarchin Hearn, the late Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche, His Eminence Beru Kyentse Rinpoche, the late Moshe Feldenkries, Ruthie Alon and the late Cecilie Kwiat. Leander is also renowned for her one-to-one healing work with people from all walks of life. She is inspired to share her unique and evolving approach towards unfolding the dharma for the benefit of all.